Software Engineering Important Questions

aktu software engineering important questions

Unit: 01

  1. Describe software engineering and it’s components.
  2. What is software crisis ? Discuss main reason and results of software crisis
  3. Short notes on :   (i) waterfall model   (i) prototype model
  4. Differentiate between software engineering process and conventional engineering process.
  5. Explain spiral model
  6. What are software process models?
software engineering important questions

Unit: 02

  1. Discuss requirement engineering
  2. Explain software requirement specification (SRS)
  3. Discuss verification and validation
  4. Explain SQA with life cycle
  5. Short notes on :   (i) Data flow diagram  (ii) ISO 9000 certification   (ii) SEM CMM model

Unit: 03

  1. What are various software design strategies ? Discuss difference between object oriented design and function oriented design.
  2. Short notes on  (i) coupling   (ii) cohesion   (iii) structure charts
  3. Explain software metrics with its types.
  4. How cyclomatic complexity is measured?
  5. Differentiate between the features of top down and bottom up approaches of software design with its advantage and disadvantages.

Unit: 04

  1. Define software testing. Explain various level of testing.
  2. Discuss the objectives and principal of software testing ?
  3. Explain the concept of white box and black box testing
  4. Difference between testing and debugging.
  5. Short notes on :  (i) Walkthrough  (ii) Code inspection   (iii) FTR

Unit: 05

  1. Why is software maintenance required? Explain types of maintenance with example
  2. Short notes on   (Ii) software re-engineering (ii) software reverse engineering.
  3. What is risk management ? How are project risks different from technical risks?
  4. What is Gantt chart?  Discuss advantages and disadvantages of  Gantt charts.
  5. Short notes on   (Ii) CASE tool    (ii) Change control process.

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