Understanding Human Being Comprehensively important questions

Unit: 01

  1. How do you look at your basic aspiration ? Is it ‘To Be’, ‘To Get’,  ‘To Become’ ? Justify your answer.
  2. Discuss Happiness and Unhappiness.
  3. What are requirement to fulfill basic human aspiration.
  4. What are vision of happy and prosperous life ? How can you say that you are prosperous.
  5. Short note on :   Right understanding.
Understanding Human Being Comprehensively

Unit: 02

  1. What do you mean by existence and co-existence? Explain the roll of human being in existence.
  2. Explain the four orders existing in nature? How they are inter-linked to one other.
  3. What is harmony in existence? Differentiate between nature and space.
  4. Differentiate between unit and space.
  5. Explain Experiencer, Doer and Knower in details

Unit: 03

  1. Human being is the co-existence of the self and the body.
  2. Describe the various activities of the ‘self’ and the ‘body’.
  3. The need of the self are qualitative. Illustrate.
  4. I is a conscious  unite while Body is  a material unit. Examine this statement

Unit: 04

  1. What are the need and process of inner evolution (self exploration)
  2. “Existence is co-existence”. Discuss
  3. What is self evolution and why it is important?
  4. What is harmony in nature and why it is so important to attain harmony in nature?
  5. Short note on :  (i) Self-awareness  (ii) self-realization  (iii) Natural acceptance.
  6. Differentiate between active co-existence and passive co-existence

Unit: 05

  1. Explain different aspects of encompassing resolution in human values
  2. What are the four dimension of human being and four levels of human existence
  3. Realization and understanding are essential for happiness and harmony. Explain.?
  4. Discuss briefly the holistic way of living.
  5. Explain the dimension that helps to develop vision of holistic approach.

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