Web Technology Important Questions

Most important Questions unit wise

Unit : 1

  1. Why it is important to identify the object in web development strategies ? Also explain, with the help of block diagram, web development process.
  2. Outline the differences between procedural and object-oriented programming language
  3. Explain the HTTP protocol. Mention three basic features of HTTP that make HTTP a simple but powerful protocol. Give its architecture.
  4. What are exceptions and how they are handled in java ? Explain the keywords try, catch, throw, and finally with example.
  5. What are the advantages and drawback of applet ? Write a Java program to create an applet and perform event handling on it.
  6. Short note on AWT
Web Technology Important Questions

Unit : 2

  1. What is list in HTML ? What are the different types of lists in HTML ? Give an example of each type.
  2. Write a HTML code for student registration form OR Railways registration form.
  3. What is CSS ? What are different ways to create them ? Explain with example.
  4. Explain DTD in XML ? What is difference between internal and external DTD?
  5. What are the xml parser? Explain the types of Parser with their advantage and disadvantages.
  6. What is XML schema ? Compare XML schema and XML DTD

Unit : 3

  1. What is JavaScript ? How it works ? What are the features of JavaScript ?.
  2. Explain IP addressing and URL
  3. What is AJAX ? Explain its advantage and its working. Explain with example
  4. What is datagram ? Give its characteristics. Also, explain datagram socket
  5. Compare Java and JavaScript? Write a JavaScript program to find largest among five numbers.

Unit : 4

  1. Discuss EJB. Explain EJB architecture. What are its various types ?
  2. What is Java Bean exactly ? Write down the steps to create Java Bean. What is the role of introspection in Java Bean ?
  3. What is JDBC ? Explain the types of JDBC drivers.
  4. Explain JDBC application architecture. Write steps to connect database with the web application using JDBC.

Unit : 5

  1. Describe Servlet. Explain types of Servlet. Give an example of HttpServlet. Write step to execute the servlet.
  2. Explain handling in HTTP get and post request in servlet with example
  3. Write note on Tomcat server
  4. What do you mean by JSP ? Explain the architecture of JSP
  5. Write short notes on session tracking.
  6. What is difference between session and cookies ?
  7. Write a simple JSP page for displaying the message :“This is my first JSP page !!!”.

Short Important question on Web Technology

( a) Explain Thread and how many ways to create thread in java?
(b) Describe life cycle of Applet.
(c) Describe the advantages of CSS.
(d) Create Object in JavaScript.
(e) Differentiate between HTML and XML.
(f) Illustrate ResultSetMetaData Interface in JDBC.
(g) Outline Implicit Objects in JSP.
(h) Identify the Dissimilarities between web server and Application server.
(i) Explain the Directory structure of web application.
(j) Describe the characteristics of JavaBeans.
(k) Explain some features of Java.

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