Computer Network important question aktu

Unit: 01

  1. Describe OSI reference model in details
  2. Describe the goal and application of network
  3. Discuss the TCP/IP protocol suite on the basis o protocol layering principal
  4. Explain the all topologies with advantage and disadvantages.
  5. What do you mean by transmission media? Discuss the types of transmission media
  6. Explain switching
Computer Network important question

Unit: 02

  1. Explain the types of CSMA.
  2. Explain the concept of CSMA/CD
  3. What is ALOHA. Differentiate between pure ALOHA and slotted ALOHA
  4. Short notes on : Sliding window protocol  (ii) Piggybacking
  5. What is hamming code? Explain its working with suitable example
  6. Given a 10-bit sequence 1010011110 and a divisor of 1011. Find the CRC check your answer.

Unit: 03

  1. Explain unicast and multicast routing.
  2. Compare IPv4 and IPv6
  3. Short note on : (I) ARP    (II) RARP    (III) internetworking  (IV) Adaptive and Non-Adaptive algorithms (routing algorithms)

Unit: 04

  1. Enumerate how the transport layer ensures that the complete message arrives at the destination and in the proper order
  2. Short note on :  (i) UDP    (ii) TCP   (iii) session layer 
  3. Discuss the design issue in presentation layer. Write the functions of presentation layer.
  4. Short notes on Remote Procedure Call( RPC)

Unit: 05

  1. Explain about email architecture and services
  2. Explain the SNMP protocols in details.
  3. Short notes on :  (i) FTP   (ii) DNS    (iii) TELNET   (iv) HTTP
  4. Short notes on :  (i) WWW   (ii) Data compression and Cryptography

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