What is Web Search? Searching Techniques

What is Web Searching ?

Searching is technique in which user give the instruction to search engine( eg. Google, Bing, Yahoo) to search the desired information.
There are various techniques, you can use search the web in efficient manner.

What is searching?
What is searching?

Searching Techniques

  • Simple Search Technique: We search using queries, single or double inverted comma(” ‘) and using colon (:) . for example – “seekhogyan”
  • Advance Search Technique: For advance web search you need to go https://www.google.com/advanced_search
    Here you can search accurate and desire results . You can search the information using various parameters.

What is Search Engine ?

A search engine is a software program that search for websites based on search information given by user.
Search engine search information on www.
Examples: Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Kinds of Searching

In Navigation Searching we search for specific website, Specific Keywords and search about special person.

In this kind of searching we search for information and knowledge. this is a informative searching
e.g. what is computer?

This include search for Shopping, Bus and train ticket, booking for hotels.

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