What is DBMS ?

DBMS stands for Database Management System is a software that is used to manage the database.

DBMS Server

  • A DBMS Server provide an interface between end-user and database.
  • It allows user to create database and helps to manage data in the database.
  • DBMS Server provide features to read, write, delete and update data into the database.
  • Most widely used types of DBMS software are : relation database software , distributed database software, hierarchical database software, object-oriented database software and network database software

What is Database?

  • A database is an Organized collection of data or information. It is easy to manage and easy to access.
  • We can organize data into rows & columns i.e. table format and other format also like distributed and hierarchical manner.
  • The main purpose of the database is to store large amount of data in proper organized manner.
  • so that we can easily store and retrieve data or information from the database.
  • There are many databases available like MySQL, Oracle, MangoDB, SQL Server.

What is RDBMS?

  • RDBMS stands for Relational Database Management System.
  • RDBMS store data in the form of tables.
  • SQL is used in RDBMS.
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RDBMS data store data in row and columns.

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