What is CSS? full form of CSS

  • CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet
  • CSS is a style sheet language or designing language that is used with HTML.
  • It is used for designing and decorating the web pages that enhance the look of website
  • It makes web pages very attractive.
  • CSS is developed by W3C and first version released in 1996.
  • latest version of CSS is CSS-3
  • file extension : .css

Advantage of CSS

1. Save time

When you write CSS code once you can apply it in many times in different pages of websites

2. Increase Page Speed

It removes extra HTML formatting tag from HTML file because it make an separate CSS file for all formatting & designed so that it reduce HTML code.

3. Easy to Maintenance

You can write all CSS rules in a single CSS file that make easy to maintain.

4. Provide Responsive design

CSS queries rules define responsive website for all devices

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