Types of Big Data (types of digital data)

1. Structured Data

  • Structure data also called Relational database.
  • It store data in row and column i.e. table format.
  • It is familiar to everyone
  • SQL is used in structure data.
  • It includes : numbers, string and dates.
  • Easy to search and filter
  • pre-defined structure of database.
  • limited flexibility & time and resource management issue.
  • Structure database software : SQL server and Oracle etc.
Structured Data

2. Semi-Structured Data

  • Semi-Structured Data have both the qualities of structured & unstructured data.
  • Easier analysis of data compare to unstructured data.
  • No pre-defined schema , not organized in row and column, NOSQL.
  • It can used to store meta data about a business process.

3. Unstructured Data

  • No Pre-defined data model. usually store different types of file.
  • it includes: photos, videos, text, documents and log files.
  • also known as Dark Data.
  • Unstructured data can’t be analyze without proper software tools

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