Important Computer Full Forms

      ACE-Access Control Entry
      ADO-Active Data Objects
      AI-Artificial Intelligence
      ALU-Arithmetic Logic Unit
      APIPA-Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing
      ASCII-American Standard Code for Information Interchange
      ASM–Association for System Management
      ATAPI-Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface
      AUI-Attachment Unit Interface
      BB2B-Business to Business
      BASIC-Beginner’s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
      BCR-Bar Code Reader
      BOOTP-Bootstarp Protocol
      BINAC-Binary Automatic Computer
      Bit-Binary Digit
      CCAD-Computer Aided Design
      CAM-Computer Aided Manufacturing
      CCNA-Cisco Certified Network Associate
      CDROM-Compact Disk Read Only Memory
      CDMA-Code Division Multiple Access
      C-DoT– Centre For Development of telematics
      CDONTS-Collaboration on Data Objects for Windows NT Server
      CIDR-Classless Inter-Domain Routing
      CMOS-Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
      CMYK– Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key(black)
      COM-Component Object Model
      CPU-Central Processing Unit
      CRM-Customer Relationship Management
      CRT-Cathode Ray Tube
      DAL—Database Abstraction Layer
      DAP—Directory Access Protocol
      DAT—Digital Audio Tape
      DBA—Database Administrator
      DBMS—Database Management System
      DDL—Data Definition Language
      DFS—Distributed File System
      DHTML—Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language
      DMA—Direct Memory Access
      DOM—Document Object Model
      DOS—Disk Operating System
      DRAM—Dynamic Random Access Memory
      DSDL—Document Schema Definition Languages
      DSL—Digital Subscriber Line
      DVD—Digital Versatile Disc
      DVD-ROM—DVD-Read Only Memory
      DVI—Digital Visual Interface
      EEBCDIC—Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
      ECC—Elliptic Curve Cryptography
      EDVAC—Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer
      EEPROM-Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
      ENIAC—Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
      ESCON—Enterprise Systems Connection
      FFAT—File Allocation Table
      FDD—Floppy Disk Drive
      FET—Field Effect Transistor
      FLAC—Free Lossless Audio Codec
      FTTP—Fiber To The Premises
      FXP—File eXchange Protocol
      FORTRAN-Formula Translator
      FRAM-Ferro-electronic Random Recess Memory
      ACL-Access Control List
      AGP-Accelerated Graphics Part
      AlGOL–Algorithm Language
      API-Application Program Interface
      ARP-Address Resolution Protocol
      ASF-Advanced Streaming Format
      ASP-Active Server Pages
      ATM-Asynchronous Transfer Mode
      AVI-Audio Video Interface
      B2C-Business to Commerce
      BCD-Binary Coded Decimal
      BHTML-Broadcast Hyper Text Markup Lnguage
      BPEL-Business Process Execytion Language
      BIOS-Basic Input Output System
      CAI-Computer Aided Instruction
      CASE-Computer Aided Software Engineering
      CD-Compact Disc
      CD-RW-Compact Disc Re Writable
      CD-WORM-Compact Disc -Write One Read Many
      C-DAC-Centre for development of advance computing
      CGI-Common Gateway Interface
      CLR-Common Language Runtime
      CMS-Content Management System
      COBOL-Common Oriented business Language
      CORBA-Common Object Request Broker Architecture
      CRC-Cyclic Redundancy Check
      CROM-Control Read Only Memory
      DDAC—Digital-To-Analog Converter
      DAO—Data Access Object
      DARPA—Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
      DBCS—Double Byte Character Set
      DCOM—Distributed Component Object Model
      DDoS—Distributed Denial of Service
      DHCP—Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
      DLP—Data loss protection
      DML—Data Manipulation Language
      DoS—Denial of Service
      DPI—Dots Per Inch
      DSA–Digital Signature Algorithm
      DSDM—Dynamic Systems Development Method
      DSP—Digital Signal Processing
      DVR—Digital Video Recorder
      EBML—Extensible Binary Meta Language
      ECMA—European Computer Manufacturers Association
      EPROM—Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
      E-mail—Electronic mail
      ERP—Enterprise Resource Planning
      EXE– EXEcutable
      FAQ—Frequently Asked Questions
      FDDI—Fiber Distributed Data Interface
      FHS—Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
      FLOPS—FLoating-Point Operations Per Second
      FTP—File Transfer Protocol
      FYI—For Your Information
      fps-frames per second
      GIF—Graphics Interchange Format

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